• The error 0x8004210a in Microsoft Outlook is common to versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. Most typically, this error is witnessed when users attempt to send or receive emails after some internal changes are made to Outlook settings or protocols. These changes might be made automatically after certain OS upgrades or manually by inadvertent users who didn’t know what they were stepping into. 

    MS outlook send receive error - Fixes


    Windows Firewall and any third party Antivirus program can affect the sending and receiving of emails on Outlook. This can result in Outlook send receive error. Hence to fix this error 0x80040610, consider disabling Firewall and an Antivirus program. Under Security tab turn off Firewall.


    Particularly concerning wrong timeout settings of the server, the important cause behind error 0x8004210a in MS-Outlook is that the incorrect handling of account settings primarily SSL layer authentication, port number, and other relevant settings. Know the Steps to resolve outlook send/ receive error.


    Microsoft Outlook throws an error code 0x8004210a, which concluded in no incoming and outgoing email using the Outlook client. The issue is with the PST file, which has grown quite more than Office or Outlook can handle. The utmost limit on the PST file is 20 GB. If you’ve got tons of emails configured which uses an equivalent PST file, then you’ll get this error. we’ll show you ways you’ll fix Outlook Send/Receive error during the operation.


    One of the key reasons Outlook is preferred by numerous home and professional users across the planet is its security measures. But these features which are put in place to guard your data sometimes intervene in the traditional working of the software. The essential email send-receive Outlook functionality often suffers due to security settings and protocols. Here in this post, we’ll explain the methods to resolve the Outlook Error Code.

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